Monday, October 6, 2014

God’s Love reaches everywhere and to all

Prayer-a-phrase of Psalm 36:5-9

O, Lord God,
Your Love reaches beyond the heavens
and Your faithfulness
beyond any clouds we may see.

Higher than great mountains
is Your righteousness,
and Your fair justice
fills the great deep.

What loving care You take
of all living creatures!

How priceless, O God,
is Your loving kindness!

All who trust You will
find shelter beneath Your wings.

For You pour
Your very own goodness into us
and help us to be delighted
with Your good gifts.

O Lord,
You are the Fountain of Life,
and in Your Light,
we see light.

Prayer: In Your love, Lord God, help us to see the love around us in Jesus’ Name.

©2014, Mary Harwell Sayler prayer-a-phrased the above poem from the many translations of Psalm 36 found on Bible Gateway.

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