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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Watch out for love!

Joshua 23:11:Be very watchful of yourselves to love the LORD your God.”


Parents often tell their children
to be watchful of potential dangers:
fast-moving traffic,
enticing strangers,
weird weather, or whatever
seems worrisome,
and You, Heavenly Father,
remind us of this too.
But, I do not remember
ever telling my children
to watch out for love:

Let us be watchful of kind acts
and learn from them with thanksgiving.
Let us be on the lookout for caring faces
of people who love to help, and let us
listen carefully to tones of voice
accompanying tender words
and honest prayer.

Oh, Lord, my God,
help me to notice You.
Help me to be aware
of Your ongoing goodness
and amazing creativity.

Let me not be distracted
by moods, emotions, desires,
or anything that takes my attention
from You.

Help me to praise You, notice the love
around me,
and give You the love You deserve.

Busyness and skewed priorities often take our focus from God and onto people, problems, or pride. If someone were watching, would that person see an obvious love for God? What evidence do I see of my faith in God and the love I have for others?

Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2016


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